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Why choose Dental Cuen?

Seeing a dentist in Mexico

In Mexico, you can find highly trained dentists that can attend to all of your dental needs in a prompt, professional manner. You can save as much as 60% off of U.S. prices. Dental Cuen is located in Tijuana, Mexico. It is just 15 minutes from the San Diego, CA border. Most of our patients live on the U.S. side of the border. Dental Cuen offers free transportation to the clinic in Mexico from many hotels in Tijuana. You will be picked up at your hotel by a friendly driver that speaks English. After your dental appointments in Mexico, the driver will pick you up from the clinic and return you to your hotel. Your safety and comfort are of primary importance to us. Email us for a convenient list of hotels.

Dental Cuen offers a sterile, modern office that can serve all of your dental needs. The Mexican staff uses the latest dental equipment, like digital x-rays and intra-oral cameras. Distilled water is used in the dental units.

Why not go to Mexico for your dental needs? Give us a try. Our staff is waiting to take care of all your dental treatment. Call or email today to schedule an appointment. Our phones are answered by helpful, English-speaking patient coordinators that can answer your questions about dentistry in Mexico, or can schedule an appointment for you. Call or email us today.

You are most likely seeking dental care in Mexico because of the high cost of dental treatment at home. There is a range of quality of care in Mexico just as there is in the US. Dental Cuen offers services that are comparable to high-end treatment available in the US. Many Dental Cuen patients comment that the facilities are more modern than of their own dentist’s office back home in the US. A modern dental office is wonderful, but what really matters most is the quality of the treatment. It is not uncommon for our patients to be very emotional upon completion of their work. Most are very impressed with the new smile they receive after getting their dental work in Mexico at Dental Cuen. When seeking a dentist in Mexico for dental work, consider Dental Cuen where service is provided in Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuana shares a border with San Diego, CA. Unlike other communities along the border, you can conveniently fly from US cities into San Diego and be within thirty minutes of the clinic. Our transportation can pick you up in San Diego and take you into Mexico, right to the clinic and then take you back when you’re done. While being a patient of Dental Cuen, you can enjoy some of the culture in Mexico. There are many restaurants in the area offering fine Mexican cuisine as well as small hole in the wall eateries featuring real Mexican food for the more adventuresome. There are of course also many shops in the area where you can find items handcrafted in Mexico. Ask the office administrator in Mexico about these items you may be interested in seeing during your visit to the Mexico dentist.

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